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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wastewater Savings Data

Appendix A.    Wastewater Alternatives for Home Owners:  Saving water and Reducing Wastewater.

In the example below a Person in an Average Home has the following water use. (Source is listed on the blog).  The Efficient home with EPA WaterSense appliances there is a 36% reduction of purchased water and an equal volume of wastewater s not discharged into the environment.

In these water conservation and reuse scenarios the reduction in wastewater creation is dramatic and very cost effective in some cases, depending on plumbing access.

With WaterSense conservation and Laundry Reuse, we can achieve a remarkable 50% reduction in wastewater creation.  With conservation and most greywater resued the wastewater reduction is 66%

This reduction of the Hydraulic Load may be the most cost-effective thing we can do in the short term to partially remediate with cesspit dilemma. 

For every 10,000 persons per year, this amounts to about 37 and 76 million gallons of wastewater that stays out of groundwater and the sea!

Why is this not priority one?